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Why Membership Matters


We rented a house in Silver Spring for two years. When we finally bought a house, our neighbors knew we were here to stay and our relationships could progress to levels not yet reached. When I proposed to Courtney, she knew she could trust I’d be there tomorrow—and in twenty years. From engagement to marriage, our relationship keeps moving to deeper levels with each year of commitment to each other.

Relational commitment opens the door to rich relationship. “Making it official” is the movement from instability to stability, and shallow waters to deep. That is what we are asking you to do here at The Well. Become a Member.

Here’s how it works: You decide to stay here. This is your church home, so we call each other “church family.” This means you get all of us: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Membership is the decision to maintain this relational commitment, for as long as you live in the DC area. This stability and commitment in an otherwise transient, consumer-focused, ready-to-leave-yesterday culture will build a solid foundation for relationships to flourish here at The Well.

You will commit to a Community Group, and invest in the relationships of our “Family on Mission Together” because you now call these people at The Well “family.” You serve on a team because you sacrifice for your family, and serving allows our church to share the gospel with even more people in our city. You give financially because of how generously Christ has given to us, his family, and you have decided (again, officially!) that demonstration and declaration of the gospel is worth our funding through the work of The Well.

So make it official. Decide that The Well is your church family, and with the resources that God gives you in this place and time, you will connect, invest, and give. Decide that you will follow Jesus together here for the good of the world.