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Bossa Nova

There’s something sweet about rhythm. Through your prayers and the resultant work of God, our bossa nova of life is swaying side to side like we’re listening to the sultry sound of Gilberto’s Girl From Ipanema. A friend said it and we’re living it: the high highs, and low lows of church planting. Things are swinging high this week.

A scratchy phonograph stylus settles abruptly down on a turning record before the music starts. With a jolt, God kept scratching the record in Abraham’s life: “Go from your country…” and, “this child shall not be your heir…” and, “take your only son as a burnt offering….” Each command must have felt like the bumpy needle on what Abraham had hoped would be a smooth kind of life. He too began to dance.

We’ve been jolted by no routine, no office, a new house in a new neighborhood, no friends, no home church, no playgroups, no doctors, no peace, no sleep. It made us cling to Jesus. Oh the sweet sound of His name. Reading and praying has become our sustenance. He showed up in new partnerships, new members in the community, and new vision for January. Courtney and I are going deep together with Him. Jake’s loving school. Neighbors have become friends. The week is taking predictable shape. God is weaving connections we could not have orchestrated. His presence and work is palpable. Our call is firm as we see Him working through us. As we fall in love with this place and people, we increasingly desire for Christ to make Himself known.

The tuning arm of God descends from the heavens to touch our lives. The stylus eventually settles in to oscillating groves playing an eternal song. It’s then that He produces one of those records you show off by hanging it on the wall. The main line, twisting, turning, and often unrecognizable, is the good news we are here to share. The promise God made to Abraham has sprung from Mary’s loins to redeem this broken world full of discord. The same Jesus who lived a perfect life and died to pay for our sin, rose from the grave and is with us. He has promised to build His church, the nations will be blessed. Me and you, heirs of the covenant, get to enjoy singing the song.

Please pray: 1. For our house in Dallas to sell. 2. Continued wisdom in leadership. 3. Praise Him with us for many great moments here, and for the way He has moved through you all! You have been a great support both in prayer, words of encouragement and financially.