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Feed On Christ


Jesus told us to feed on Him. He equated feeding with believing, trusting, coming to Him over and over for life. To keep coming back to Him is to continue hearing His words, talking with Him, abiding in an ongoing relationship with Him.

Core to this relationship with Christ, is hearing God’s words, the bible. You will not grow if you are not in Christ’s word. You will not be ready for battle, easily shaken, if you are not in God’s word.

Sunday, I handed out the How to Study the Bible Tool and Chart. These are linked below. If you are new to reading the bible, or have been getting to know God for years in His word, these tools will prove very helpful in your relationship with Him.

If you are new at studying the bible, we suggest that you start by reading the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John). Try reading Mark first, and then John. After reading the gospels, jump into Ephesians, or Romans for some theology, and Acts for the beginning of the Church. YouVersion App is a great one for creating reading plans. We recommend the ESV version of the bible. Here it is, ESV Free Online.

There are two places to find resources here at The Well. One, is on our website under Resources. The “Leader Resources” contain the static resources we make available for leaders of 3D groups, and Communities. Here is where you will find the How to Study the Bible Tool and Chart Template, as well as many other tools.

The second place you will find Resources at The Well is in our Resources Group on The City. While on the City, find it like you would any other Group. Just search for “Resources” and the group will come up. Join it, and find lots of recommended resources (tools for personal growth, web pages, commentaries, etc).

Why have two? The Webpage will remain static in our offerings, while the City is always changing, and you can share new resources with everyone in the group just by responding to the appropriate resource strand.

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How to Study the Bible Tool

Bible Study Chart Template

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