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Help Stage Our House To Sell!

Sometimes things go as planned… sometimes not. I need your help to sell our house in Dallas.

Can you loan some nice furniture to the cause? We need to stage thee areas, and if you have any furniture that may help that would be awesome! The house is more of a modern look, so if your furniture fits that decor, even better!

  1. Dining Room: Dining Table; Dining Chairs
  2. Living Room: 2 Couches (or wrap around couch), Chair(s), Area Rugs, End Tables, TV or TV stand.
  3. Master Bedroom: Bedroom Set (Queen/king bed; Dressers); A chair

Let me know if you can help! I will put you in touch with Alan, who is a friend of mine and the real-estate agent who is staging and selling my house! He will talk with you, take a look at the furniture to see if it will fit, and set up a time to either pick it up from you or have you drop it off at my place.

Another solution could be someone willing to move in with their furniture to live there for a little while. Let me know!

Please pray hard for this thing to sell!!!