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Praise God

When Joshua crossed over the Jordan into the land God had given His people, he stacked up a lot of rocks (Joshua 4.1-7). “Praise God,” the stones cried out. “Don’t forget this day,” they said. “Don’t forget it in your own life, don’t forget to tell your friends and your kids, and don’t ever forget to give Him the glory He is due.” Let these stones tell the story. He’s worthy of praise.

It’s worth taking a little time to stack some rocks, or in my case, keep a list on my computer. So, that is what I’m doing, and think you should too. Open a document. I’m calling mine “Stones.” Save it on your desktop. When He moves, add it to the list. He’s worthy of praise.

The past two weeks, God has been moving. It’s a rumbling we can’t create, one we can’t deny. A year and a half ago, He stirred our hearts to trust in Him, pick up our family, and head back to the east coast to share the gospel. He said to watch Him raise up a new church, which would exist for the good of Silver Spring, and the world. As we prepare to move in three months, tonight He provided a thorough shaking.

God rumbled through a room of 500+ who heard His story in our’s, who prayed for us, and came before Him for the sake of the gospel. God is moving, so I’m here stacking stones on my computer screen, because He is worthy of praise.


  • Friends sold their sweet car, bought a junker, and gave the difference to the church plant
  • People stop us and ask to pray for us, right then
  • Our Community Group gave unreal amounts of support (prayer/money) at the very inception of this idea, to cover travel and assorted start up costs
  • A family gave us new windows for our house, improving it to sell
  • A friend who owns a printing company donated printing at cost for the new church plant
  • Our Sending Church, Northwest Bible, is supporting us incredibly for 4yrs
  • Sent Network is supporting us incredibly for 4yrs, and providing guidance and direction
  • A friend donated his talent and countless hours to create print materials and web design
  • Acts 29 Network is connecting us to planters and people on the east coast
  • Friends are donating babysitting (we would love more help with this!)
  • A speech pathologist friend is gifting speech therapy to our precious Eden (3yrs old)
  • A friend and photographer gave time and talent, countless hours on video and pictures
  • Northwest Bible Church gave 2,000$ to cover our Penske moving truck

Unreal! As Joshua said, “let this be a sign among us!” of all that He has done. Pray with us this week, praises to the Living God.