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Sitting in living rooms to share about the church plant with individuals and families has been such a joy. The sweetest part of our time together has to be the end of each meeting, where we ask for and receive prayer from our friends. Courtney and I have never needed prayer more than we do now, and each request and encouraging word offered to God for us, before us and Him, has refreshed us deeply. Everyone wants to know how they can keep praying! So here are the big three.

1. For God to continue to provide for us. Financially/relationally we need Him to continue to provide partnerships for His work. For our family and marriage we need Him to provide grace, humility, patience, and love as we are experiencing a pressing to the edge of what we can handle (4 kids under 5yrs, my working two jobs, selling the house!). It’s been a reminder that we are not supposed to be able to handle this. His provision is already so evident, as all He demands He so graciously provides.

2. For God to move the right people towards us, shaping the church’s initial core team. We have been amazed at the connections already being made, and we are eager for more. We are planning on some coming with us from Texas and many to join us from Maryland.

3. For God to prepare the people of Silver Spring for the gospel, that many would come to know Christ through our community. We cannot wait to share the gospel and see the people we are praying for now cling to Christ for life. Oh what a day that will be. Pray also that God would give us a supernatural love for the people of Silver Spring.

As our awareness of our own inability has increased, we have become daily more reliant on God’s movement, and seen a spike in our desire to ask Him to move. Having friends coming before Him for us has been a necessity.

This update page will provide stories of God’s movement, musings from life preparing for and planting the gospel in Silver Spring, and whatever else God may be up to. I hope that as you pray for us, you will continue to come before the Father with a willing heart to follow Him in faith, wherever He leads.

Who is praying for you? Why would they need to?