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It’s Wednesday. Mid week. Lots has happened, for you and me. Monday and Tuesday dominoes have toppled, so Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will fall if you want them to or not. Things set in motion tend to stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force, and the coming few days of this week have been set in motion. Appointments are set, calendars packed, every hour accounted for. We have little say in it now, because it’s already Wednesday.

David started things with prayer. “In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation” (Ps.5.3). That’s not often my habit: Prayer preceding priorities. Conversations with God, when I have them, shape my requests. He created the world. He keeps me breathing. No wonder when I come to talk to Him, to ask Him for things, He is totally just and capable to mold my requests.

It is when He creates our priorities that we have something to look forward to. Sure, it’s Wednesday, but the outside force of His hand can reshape the rest of your week, that you too can “wait in expectation.” Come to Him with your requests and ask Him how He wants you to spend the rest of this week. Let Him reshape your priorities, and set your calendar accordingly.

Please Pray: 1. Continued wisdom for leading in these initial stages of the plant. 2. A few more solid leaders to link arms with us as we walk towards Silver Springers who don’t know Jesus. 3. The family aiming to move here from TX is in the thick of the job hunt. Pray for a great job for them, especially this Friday morning (important meeting)!

Updates: -Jake is settling into school, and really liking it. -Our family is getting into a bit of a rhythm. -I am coming to God to ask Him to shape my weekly routine, and finding Him faithful to do so. -We are connecting with some awesome folks in our neighborhood, God is so generous to give us such good friends here already! -Our house in TX has not sold, we are bummed about that, and really need it to sell soon. -Sunday night bible studies have been going well, we are seeing God shape us as a community and looking for who He is raising up to lead and serve down the road. -We connecting relationally with other leaders in the Balt/Wash area, God is really connecting us to the UMD campus. -We’re loving our house, and the opportunities to open it up, sharing meals with new friends.