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We Feel It!

You ever feel someone’s prayers working in your life? Often we don’t need prayer, so we don’t get the chance to feel God working. We say no to prayer when we strive by our own strength, set our own agenda apart from God’s leading, or attempt only petty, risk-less things in our lives. Then, prayer becomes a cameo role in the Christian-life, or coffee talk with God. Instead, let’s all begin to realize that prayer is a necessity, by which broken powerless people call upon the mighty creator of the universe to act on our behalf. Let’s ask Him daily to crack open the heavens, push aside clouds and reveal Himself through our answered prayers, empowering us by the indwelling Holy Spirit to work miracles here on earth for His glory.

Who’s praying for you? Why would they need to talk to the God of all creation on your behalf?

We have tangibly experienced your prayers in our four specific requests (see April 7th entry). In our marriage: Courtney has felt the freedom to open up the depths of her heart to me, where in her own strength she normally holds back. I have felt a fresh compassion and patience when hearing hard truth, where in my own strength I normally defend and critique. This has been one of the richest and hardest two weeks of our marriage! In shaping the core team: We did not expect the many calls and emails from Silver Springers who were interested in joining the community. Wow. And solid people! People who love Christ and the Northern DC area. In fundraising: God has been opening His storehouses to provide for our move, both financially and in many other ways. For one, your prayers have moved people to give of their time and effort to babysit our four kids for free! Our oldest is just now 5yrs… so this really is a miracle. Ha ha! In selling our house: We listed the house last Thursday and have seen an abundance of traffic (around 15 showings).

So, how can you continue to pray?

  1. Please continue to pray for the richness we are experiencing in our marriage to continue! Pray for Courtney and me to have many good times in prayer, a couple of kid-less dates, and for growth in understanding how to lead together in the church plant.
  2. Pray for me to finish well at Northwest Bible. I have loved my time leading the Singles at Northwest, and have two months left. I love our current leaders and body, and want to make sure we transition well to the man I am handing the ministry over to. Thank God for providing him.
  3. Pray for our house to sell!!!
  4. Pray for people to continue to graciously open up their finances to partner with us in this work. We have a way to go, but are confident God will provide the support before our move in July.

Here is a video of a group of 500+ who recently gathered at NW Bible to hear our story and pray for us! We are so glad for you, especially as you continue to bring us before the creator of the world, that He would work in our lives to reveal Himself to the people of Silver Spring.