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Archives for January 2019

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Parents' Corner | January 30, 2019


Dear Parents, Following the flood, God wanted to have a fresh start. God commanded Noah in Genesis 9:1 to "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth." This command echoes the one given to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:28. God intended the paradise of the garden to spread into the whole world, but sinful people had other desires. Genesis 10 accounts for the nations that ...

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Parents' Corner | January 23, 2019


Dear Parents, Adam's son Seth lived 912 years. Despite their sin, the Lord sustained generation after generation. Seth's sixth-great- grandson, Noah, was born less than 20 years after his death. With each generation, the earth's population grew. By the time Noah lived10 generations after Adam people had stopped following God. In fact, Scripture describes a deplorable...

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Parents' Corner | January 9, 2018


Dear Parents, Imagine Adam and Eve's joy as their family grew. With each birth, maybe Eve hoped that this son would be the one to end the curse of sin, to crush the head of the snake. (Gen. 3:15) But as her sons Cain and Abel grew up, she and Adam probably witnessed with grief how sin affected their own children. Cain was not the Promised One, and neither was Abel. W...

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